Community Standard

Welcome to the E Money Circle Community Forum.

The main purpose of this post is to inform you and other members about the Community Guidelines specially prepared by the E Money Circle Board for the E Money Circle Community to get the most out of it.

Therefore, we kindly request you to read and understand all the facts here and give us your utmost support to maintain the quality we maintain in the E Money Circle Community.


Everything you post in the E Money Circle Community must be authentic. Please note that its primary purpose is to provide a better service to our members through authentic information and does not allow for anything to be misrepresented here.


We are committed to making the E Money Circle Community a safer place. No one in the E Money Circle Community is allowed to make statements that threaten our members, intimidate, remove or silence others.


We are committed to protecting the privacy and information of our members. Through privacy, people are given the freedom to be themselves, and in the E Money Circle Community no one is allowed to share information that could harm the privacy of others.

Dignity and rights

We believe that all people are equal when it comes to dignity and rights. We hope that you will respect the rights of others and that no one is allowed to behave in a way that offends or demeans others.

Our Community Guidelines are a guide to what not to post in the E Money Circle Community. We urge members of the E Money Circle Community to follow these guidelines.

Accordingly, in the E Money Circle Community,

  1. Engaging in or posting acts of violence and acts that cause it
  2. Engaging in criminal activities
  3. Sale of Prohibited Goods
  4. Engaging in fraudulent activities
  5. Posting child or adult sexual activity or similar acts or incitement to it
  6. Acting in a way that harasses members
  7. Behaving in a way that violates someone’s privacy
  8. Making hateful posts
  9. Posting fake news
  10.,, Posting shortened links, republishing the same link, posting links that are not relevant to the discussion, posting links related to promotions, or editing images or media
  11. Engaging in unauthorized advertising or advertising
  12. Is strictly prohibited, and the use of the above verbs will result in the loss of your membership.